About The Celebrity Interviews

It feels to me like today magazines are filled with either gossip about celebrities – by journalists who’ve never met them – or photos of their cellulite. Hopefully here you’ll find more than that – actual interviews and conversations with talented, interesting celebrities around the world. Many of the interviews featured here date back to the ’90s before the whole ‘celebrity culture’ took over. I hope you’ll find some of these ‘vintage’ interviews as inspiring as I found them. And we’ll soon be adding more recent interviews too. People often say how shallow famous people are… but in my experience, successful actors, musicians and sports stars are some of the most hard-working, inspiring people I’ve ever met – people who have learnt how to dedicate themselves to a dream, to truly follow what they long for despite the rejection along the way, and to absolutely make the most of their lives… To everyone on this site who has kicked off their shoes and curled up on the sofa beside me to be interviewed – thank you! I learnt something from each and everyone of you.

Jenni Baxter was based in London for many years as a celebrity interviewer, writing for magazines and newspapers around the world. She also has co-written ‘The Expat Confessions’. As a child her passion for film was ignited by photos of Elizabeth Taylor floating up the Palais red carpet at the legendary Cannes Film Festival. Today, Jenni resides close to Cannes, on the French Riviera.