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Jean Marc Barr : Dream On Dannii

A couple of weeks back we asked Dannii Minogue to name her top 10 favourite fellas, and top of the list come the hunky actor Jean Marc Barr. In fact the Aussie songsress is so smitten, she’s been begging for anyone to introduce her to him.

Not only did Just Seventeen succeed in meeting Dannii Minogue’s idol – the hunky actor Jean Marc Barr (on the French Riviera!) – before her, but he told us some things that are sure to crush her heart and have her reaching for the Kleenex. For Dannii’s “No. 1 love interest” is in love with somebody else!

The girl who’s kidnapped Jean-Marc ‘s heart is a young lady by the name of Irina who, like Dannii, is also in the music world. But that’s where the similarity ends. While Dannii’s pop songs have Jean-Marc reaching for the cotton wool to black his ears, Irina knows that the key to his heart is with a quick tinkle on the ivories. She’s a top concert pianist.

The only problem is that her busy work schedule, coupled with his long stints of filming in exotic locations, means that the lovelorn couple don’t actually get much of a chance to get down to some serious snogging. Not that those separations would be a perfect chance for Dannii to worm her way in with Jean-Marc.

“When I’m not with Irina, I prefer to be alone,” he coos. “There’s no point in being with other people – I could never love anyone other than my girlfriend.” That doesn’t seem to stop millions of girls (and Dannii) fantasising about him. “He’s the most beautiful man in the world,” swoons Dannii.

The bad news for Dannii, however, is that Jean-Marc doesn’t fancy girls who are obsessed with their image. “That’s what’s so great about Irina,” he says. “She doesn’t worry about trying to make an image to sell herself,” he says proudly.

And anyway, even if she has a quick fashion re-think, Dannii’s not exactly going to have an easy ride if she still thinks she’s in with a chance of bagging her man. He’ll be filming a new movie called The Plage in Argentina until November, and then it’ll be straight into the next project. In fact he’s been so busy recently that it was over two years ago that he scoffed his last meal at home. that’s when he lived in London. He moved to Paris in May this year after deciding “That’s the place to be if you’re seriously into film.”

And on film is exactly where Dannii would like to end up with this man. So smitten is she with him that she confessed she’d love to get Jean-Marc to appear in her next video… ending, predictably, in a major love scene. Sadly Jean’s got other ideas in this department. He says he secretly dreams about a film based on the relationship between himself and – you’ve guessed it – Irina.

“It’s a good love story,” he says dreamily. “It’s a beautiful story. We met eight years ago at the Guildhall School in London. She was in the music side and I was on the drama side. We fell in love and it’s been working ever since.” Oh dear. So whilst the tears of Miss Minogue dry on her cheeks, any final words of wisdom, Mr Barr? “Well,” he thinks deeply. “It’s my goal in life to eventually have a kid with Irina.” It seems even if you’re a groovy pop chick, readers, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to bag the man of your dreams.

JUST SEVENTEEN, August 28, 1991

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